Location Scouting

The kiddo and I recently set out on a bit of a scouting mission.  I was looking for a great outdoor location to do kids portraits.  The vision I had in my mind was of swaying tall grass and the setting sun back lighting kiddos hair.  I wanted to go for a rustic mid western country girl look.  

After some google searching I decided on Mason Park, right behind UC Irvine.  We pulled up to the gate and parking was only $3 on a weekday.  The park is large and very manicured.  While very pretty, it was not the fields of wheat I had envisioned.  But there was a very beautiful lake and some large shady trees, so we decided to see what we could get with that.  
We tried to downplay the lawn and instead hope the cowboy hat would help to give it more of that country western vibe.
Even with the mowed green lawn the large weepy tree in the background helps the image to look like we are out in the country.  Instead were in the middle of Orange County, only a mile from the freeway.
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